The Story of ILTI

The story of the Indigenous Land Title Initiative (ILTI) has four chapters. The first chapter is about how title to reserve lands was taken away. The second is the struggle to restore this title. The third chapter is about the Indigenous Land Title Initiative. The fourth chapter is about potential because it will be written by those communities that restore their title and jurisdiction.

Chapter I – Loss and Transfer of Title and Jurisdiction

Reserve lands were allotted to First Nations. The title and jurisdiction of these reserve lands was removed from First Nations through the first three mechanisms below and the last two formalized this transfer of title and jurisdiction.

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Chapter II – The Fight to Restore Title

Every First Nation in Canada has been fighting to have title, rights, and jurisdiction restored since confederation.  The events associated with this challenge can be grouped into three broad periods: 1850s-1950, 1951-1972 and 1973-onwards.

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Chapter III – The ILTI Story

Concurrently with the legal action and negotiation strategy, there has been an effort in the last forty years to establish practical methods to implement rights and title.  This has resulted in legislation for taxation and lands and financial management.

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Chapter IV – The Future

Proponent First Nations will write the future of ILTI.  They will lead its passage.  They will direct implementation.  They will determine what it is used for.  There are a number of ideas they have suggested.

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